Art Photography by Chriz & Ilcha

The Story

Christer Olausson (Chriz) was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Sweden at the age of two when he was adopted. He has always had a genuine interest in motor vehicles, which is often reflected in his photographical work. During Christer’s youth, he drove motocross and fast motorbikes. By 18, whereupon gaining his drivers licence, his passion was directed towards sports cars. It was at this time he became convinced that motor-journalism would be his ideal career choice.

While completing his studies Christer worked at an advertising agency where he discovered the possibilities of photographical art and the written word. Before commencing a full time career in the media business, he also was employed as a car salesman at Sweden's largest Volvo dealers.

As an editor and photographer specialized in luxury cars, fancy hotels and exotic travels Christer has worked for companies such as Harley-Davidson Sweden AB, Lotsatorgruppen in Sweden AB (Plaza Publishing Group) and Medact-Press, amongst others.

In 2003 he founded the media and publisher house - Amazing Magazines AB, which incorporates,,,, and

During work in Riga, Latvia Chriz met his future wife Iluta Olausson (Ilcha) and they have, together, developed a speciality in architectural photography. The couple has produced custom artwork of several interesting buildings, portraits of design homes for architects and new development projects for construction companies. They have also made unique residence photography of many exclusive properties for sale by Sotheby's, Bukowskis, Eklund Stockholm New York, among others.

Today the couple works full-time behind the camera creating interesting photo-artwork.

"Noting is this fascinating and rewarding as capturing the right moment and create a perfect image. Being able to influence so much, for so many people, for so long time to come, that's true passion to me." - Ilcha

The Works

The philosophy of photo art is a very abstract subject. For Chriz & Ilcha its always been about catching something interesting and create a work that can be appreciated by a wide audience. They often use them selves or family members to produce the ideas. "-The inspiration often comes from a split second of something happing around me at that exact moment" reveals Chirz when he talks about the couple and their working method. "-That's the spark which develops into a subject, and then, often during the night, it all comes together visualized as an image". The imaginary photo is then drawn on to a paper and the couple discuss around the possibilities and the best way to translate the vision into a living picture. "-It's a pretty interesting experience before a design is made, sometimes a project can last for months before it is printed and ready, sometimes the process only needs about a week. It's all about what is the motif".

Ilcha's story about how she finds inspiration and input to her ideas around the couples art photography is different from her husband. She's more of a thinker and processing the idea of a photo during a long time. "-I mainly start by thinking of a theme, from that I add different components until I have a complete picture in my mind". Then it's the same procedure, an open discussion step by step until the couple gets every piece together and have a final drawing on the desk. "-I always try to create and put together as much as I can by my self of all the rekvisita I want in the picture. In that way I'm sure the result will be as close to the blueprint as possible".

The way they describe them selves as a team its obvious that its all about complement to one another. Their different skills from the architecture- and interior photography has developed the duo into creating todays living photo art. Ilcha's exceptional eyes for details and composing the different items and colours in the frame contra Chriz artistic sense of catching a unique moment or motif makes them unique.

"A great photo never dies or fade away, it is constant and communicates forever. It touches our soul, creating emotions and deliver messages. This is regardless of language, culture, gender or age. We all have the privilege of being able to observe, think, and get inspired by a unique conservation of the exact moment the camera freezes and documents time through a well thought-photography." - Chriz