Terms of Sale


How can I purchase an artwork from the Connoisseur Collection?

To place an order after making a selecton on this webpage, the client may contact our agent at; photography@amazingmagazines.se. Upon recceiving the e-mail, the agent will contact you to confirm the order and discuss all details related to purchase and delivery. Prepayment of the total amount is always applied when we deal with art in the Connoisseur Collections. After receiving payment to our account, the purchased artwork is then delivered to the address specified in the order.

There is also a possibility to purchase using PayPal as payment.


To purchase artwork from the Platinum- and Amazing Collection?

For private customers, prepayment is applied as described above. A company order requires 40% down payment. The remaining balance will be due 10 days net upon delivery. Invoicing is done only for approved company VAT-numbers. For further information regarding terms of purchase and delivery of artwork from the Platinum Collection or the Amazing Collection, please call +46 (0)8 761 11 40 or e-mail to; photography@amazingmagazines.se

There is also a possibility to purchase using PayPal as payment.



The artwork will be delivered in cooperation with DHL or the Swedish Postal Service and their partners worldwide. It will be sent from us within 2 weeks after we receive payment as agreed in the order confirmation.



Custom taxes, import duty, valued-added tax (VAT), or any similar customs-related levy are payable by the customer. We cannot give any guarantees or estimates as to whether any shipments will or will not be required to pay any customs-related levy. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

Price, including Swedish VAT 20%, when delivered in Sweden for Swedish customers and private buyers and companies within EU who have not presented a valid VAT-number.

Price will exclude Swedish VAT for company customers in EU with a valid VAT-number.

Price will exclude Swedish VAT for all customers outside EU, if the item will be shipped outside EU, invoice attached consignment.


Connoisseur Collection

The "Connoisseur Collection" is printed on hi-quality paper/canvas that has been appropriately selected for the motif. The Fine Art Print is presented behind crystal-clear museum grade non-reflective UV resistant glass to give the photo remarkable depth while keeping the intensity of color. To complement the artwork there is a decorative solid wood frame specially selected to emphasise the image and give each item an individual personality. The Connoisseur Collection is unique, signed by the artists and produced/printed/sold only in single copies of each photo.


Platinum Collection

The "Platinum Collection" is a limited edition of art collection where the photographs are printed on hi-quality paper/canvas and presented behind crystal-clear museum grade non-reflective UV resistant glass with matching frame. The signed Fine Art Prints are sold only 5 - 20 exclusive copies of each photo. The photographs provide an excellent contribution in raising the comfort of fine hotels, businesses, exclusive boutiques and trendy restaurants.


Amazing Collection

The "Amazing Collection" is a signed fine art collection primarily intended to give life to public spaces, institutions, hospitals, waiting rooms, etc.. Each photograph in the collection is printed and sold according to demand. The Fine Art Prints are printed on hi-quality paper/canvas. Some prints are presented behind acrylic glass. These are less fragile and the artwork gets a modern timeless puristic feeling and can blend into any environment. Others can be delivered only as prints and is left for the customer to decide.