Christer Olausson (Chriz) was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Sweden at the age of two when he was adopted. He has always had a genuine interest in motor vehicles, which is often reflected in his photographical work. During Christer’s youth, he drove motocross and fast motorbikes. By 18, whereupon gaining his drivers licence, his passion was directed towards sports cars. It was at this time he became convinced that motor-journalism would be his ideal career choice.

While completing his studies Christer worked at an advertising agency where he discovered the possibilities of photographical art and the written word. Before commencing a full time career in the media business, he also was employed as a car salesman at Sweden's largest Volvo dealers.

As an editor and photographer specialized in luxury cars, fancy hotels and exotic travels Christer has worked for companies such as Harley-Davidson Sweden AB, Lotsatorgruppen in Sweden AB (Plaza Publishing Group) and Medact-Press, amongst others.

During work in Riga, Latvia Chriz met his future wife Iluta Olausson (Ilcha) and they have, together, developed a speciality in architectural photography. The couple has produced custom artwork of several interesting buildings, portraits of design homes for architects and new development projects for construction companies. They have also made unique residence photography of many exclusive properties for sale by Sotheby's, Bukowskis, Eklund Stockholm New York, among others.

In 2003 he founded the media and publisher house - Amazing Magazines AB, which incorporates,, and